Tips to Keep your pool clean

Pool maintenance is part and parcel of pool ownership and unless you set aside a designated amount of time to perform your pool upkeep, it can be a bigger chore than it has to be. When you’re considering having a pool installed, you need to remember the long-term needs to keep it clean and swim-friendly.

You can choose from any number of automated tools that are on the market today that can help keep your pool free of leaves and debris. Even with such tools, your pool will still likely need hands-on care and maintenance, that’s why so many pool owners hire a pool maintenance professional. Once the “pool guy” has done his work, the pool owner can simply come home and enjoy the pool, worry free. Although my buddy over at Towson Movers insists on doing all this himself, which I try and tell him to farm it out.

Here are 5 tips to keep your pool clean:

• Keeping the water clean is one of the most important items because you don’t want swimmers to contract any water borne diseases while they are swimming. Unclean water can be the cause of burning eyes and noses. Using water filters and pumps, the dirty water is removed and fresh water is infused into the pool. You also have to ensure the correct mix of chlorine and bromine are added to the water to keep it free of germs and bacteria.

If you can smell chlorine and if it irritates the eyes, the levels need to be adjusted. Chlorine is a necessary component of pool cleanliness because it neutralizes the urine and saliva and other bacteria that swimmers bring into the pool with them.

• A green, algae-covered pool is another issue that can plague a pool owner. Cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool regularly ensures that algae and moss don’t grow in it. Bromine is effective for spas and chlorine is used for swimming pools. Disinfection and sanitization are the two most important methods to keep pool clean.

• A water pump is essential for recirculation of water in the swimming pool. There are pool pumps that have two motor speeds to save power consumption. A filter is used after the water pump is used to take out the hair and other particles present in the pool.

• The channels or gutters that run all along the outer side of the pool need to be cleaned regularly. Water that is splashed out runs into the gutters rather than into the yard and the drainage holes need to be cleaned and checked regularly. This drainage is connected to the filter so all the excess water runs toward the filter and is cleaned and recirculated.

• Wait until the sun goes down before adding chemicals to the pool so that your family can get the full enjoyment of the day of swimming.

It might be a bit of a task, but keeping the water clean and drainage effective will ensure that your pool is clean always and ready for use

Also, Dealing with professional service providers who specialize in pool fencing installations can allow owners to address a wide range of safety and security concerns. Unrestricted access to outdoor pools can be a recipe for disaster. Quality fences and professional installation services can allow homeowners to better protect their household and ensure that their property is not at greater risk.